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Welcome to our website - imparalarteassculturale

In our site you will find information about our Association and our activities. Learn better what we do and what we can do for you.  This site will allow you to know us better and to enter at any time contact us to receive more information.

Imparalarte has met since its foundation in year 2000 by a group of friends from various extraction lovers of art and culture, over 90 major characters of Florence and beyond: artists, musicians, educators, representatives of the institutions, professionals, craftsmen, managers, etc.. Which with their conferences have enriched the knowledge of our members and guests in the various disciplines and promoted the love of art intended not only as a means of cultural expression, but also as "know-how" in the broadest sense of the term. At conferences and meetings followed visits to exhibitions, museums, archaeological sites, etc. in various places in Italy.

 President                 Carlo Enrico PACIARONI
 Secretary                          Fiorella DALLAI

 - imparalarteassculturale


article 1: the Association does not pursue political purposes, trade unions, religious and has a democratic structure

article 2: the Association has its registered office in Florence via Togliatti 19

article 3: the Association did not profit and pursues cultural purposes only. The Association, in particular, aims to: promote and implement initiatives of artistic and cultural order, also in collaboration and liaison with associations and/or institutions, both public and private, that have similar statutory purposes; stimulate creative and intellectual potential of members; deal activity proposals originating by members and/or from sources ...

article 4. ….omissis

article 5: Article 5 the Association is composed of all those who, sharing the aims mentioned above, it becomes associated with the formalities provided for in this Statute. They participate in the life of the Association, enjoy equal rights with reference to the active and passive electorate and are distinguished: ordinary members, all who will join the Association subsequently; contributing members private or public entities that pay a special contribution in favour of the Association; associated fees, those who are eligible for significant details to the Association, they are exempt from the annual

 - imparalarteassculturale

Some of our meetings, pictured the Dott.ssa Cristina Acidini

  • 24/05/2024
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